50% of cost savings, make your car for a few years


The speed of travel in the automotive industry is inseparable from the technical development and policy support. A series of post-market related areas such as automotive parts, maintenance and maintenance, re-manufacturing, and automotive supplies, are also being got to "Taiwan", create business value for the entire car ecological chain, and constantly obtain consumers' inspection. Among them, the manufacturing industry has passed a hundred years of history, or will usher in outbreak, but the road to this industry will have to face many rough.


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1. Re-manufacturing of auto parts as part of the circular economy, in line with the concept of sustainable development, and the global auto market is working hard.

2, my country's re-manufacturing industry is in the primary stage, but with the increase in car insurance and consumer demand or will enter the blue sea era.

3, industry expectations, 2035 or will be an important node for re-manufacturing and automotive market development.

◆ Focus on re-manufacturing, circular economy creates new opportunities

On October 11th, the 5th Guangzhou International Auto Parts and After-sales Market Exhibition, the automotive parts re-manufacturing was once a focus. The re-manufacturing industry has been concerned and pays attention to the part of the circular economy. Automotive parts re-manufacturing refers to the quantitative use of waste auto parts, conducting professional transformation repair, which has the same specifications and quality as new products.

In general, the re-manufacturing parts can be saved by 50%, 60% energy saving, 70% of the nosocomid, and more than 80% of the air pollutant emissions. It is particularly emphasized here, and then manufacturing is not refurbished and repaired, but an important way to extend the product lifecycle.

节约50%成本 再制造能让你的车多开几年(图2)

Part of the quality of the automotive parts, after-sales service can reach the new product, but the terminal price is about half of the new product. Consumers' pursuit of quality and low price products and economic environmental lifestyle is the driving force for re-manufacturing development. At the same time, due to its characteristics of their ecological chain, wide coverage, there is also more business opportunities and employment opportunities, and the product quality and technology of the original manufacturer also play a role.

In fact, re-manufacturing is not a fresh product in recent years. For example, the re-manufacturing history of Mercedes-Benz can be traced back to 103 years ago. The global re-manufacturing industry has about 20 billion US dollars, of which auto parts are located in all positions in all re-manufacturing, with more than $ 59 billion.

Determine one of the important factors of the re-manufacturing level of auto parts, is the useful life of automobiles and components, which determines whether the parts and value of the part have re-manufactured. Xie Jun, secretary-general Xie Jun, secretary-general of China Automotive Industry Association, in the speech, said the average model of Europe is 9 years, US 10-12 years, European and American parts re-manufactured 50% of the market, demand Very strong and industry development has matured.

In contrast, China's average aerial age is 4.5 years, and the re-manufacturing share only accounts for only 2% -3%. The car is more than 5 years, which is the peak period of maintenance, and should also be the breakout period of the product demand, but the huge gap between China and European and American countries is the blue sea opportunity in my country.


"China Automotive Industry Association Parts Re-Manufacturing Branch Secretary Xie Jianjun"

◆ my country's automobile re-manufacturing hopes and pressure coexist

The development of my country's re-manufacturing industry is inseparable from policy support. As early as 2005, the State Council promulgated "some opinions on accelerating the development of the circular economy", which clearly refers to the re-manufacturing of used motor products. In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have established eight re-manufacturing industrial bases to promote the development of the industry.

节约50%成本 再制造能让你的车多开几年(图4)

Under the guidance of policies, my country's scrapped vehicles can have been connected to re-manufacturing enterprises. Chen Haili, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, said that this year's State Council issued a scrapped machine management method, clarifying the engine, steering wheel, transmission, and front and rear bridges and frames five major automotive assemblies can finally be used by re-manufacturing. At the same time, the information labeling and unified coding identification of these products is required, and the source is strictly retrosted, and the go can be checked to ensure product quality.

节约50%成本 再制造能让你的车多开几年(图5)

As of the end of 2018, my country's car ownership reached 200 million, and the market output value was exceeded, and the entire automotive industry is transition from the manufacturing market and service industry. Some experts expect that our company has more than 2,000 companies in our country. It is also estimated that the engine will be manufactured by 100,000 engines in 2018, 200,000 automatic transmission, 20 million steering machines, and the entire auto parts re-manufacturing industry transaction volume or more than 30 billion yuan.

Despite the identification of the re-manufacturing industry to maximize resource utilization from the country, enterprises and consumers, there is a commercial value, but in the process of actual landing and promotion, there is also a need to break some cognitive and technical barriers.

First of all, although the Internet and artificial intelligence have poured in a lot, the traditional concept of consumers in my country is still difficult to change. Most people also believe that re-manufacturing is a repair refurbishment and think that the new is better than "old".

In addition, the construction of the re-manufacturing industry system needs to be improved. On the one hand, sales channels and consumers cannot meet good supply and demand relationships; on the other hand, the old recycling system is not perfect, so that the re-manufacturing enterprises have obstacles in raw materials.

节约50%成本 再制造能让你的车多开几年(图6)

At present, my country's auto parts re-manufacturing is mainly divided into two kinds in OE and independent re-manufacturing enterprises. Among them, OE re-manufacturing companies are mainly referred to as a company that produces manufacturing and original accessories supplier investment or controlling. At present, the drawback of OE re-manufacturing enterprises is a single product model, less production and sales, and the price of re-manufacturing products is high, and the channel is single and market acceptance attitude.

Independent re-manufacturing companies focus on the production of components, and is not attached to the original manufacturer, directly cooperate with downstream channels such as automotive maintenance, 4S shop. Such independent re-manufacturing companies have a large difference in technical level, some have established strict standards, product quality reached the original standard; and some only stay in the maintenance level, only to enter the market with low prices. Therefore, it is difficult for the current re-manufacturing products in the market to be recognized.

◆ 未来可期,2035年将是重要节点

◆In the future, 2035 will be important nodes

With the increase in car ownership in my country and the growth of the car age, China's auto parts re-created or will create a new huge market. Xie Jianjun believes that in the next five years, China's auto parts re-manufacturing industry will enter the rapid development stage. It is expected that the market demand for products in 2025 will reach 200 billion. In order to achieve this goal, the state needs targeted policy support, and companies need to continuously refrain technology innovation, and encourage consumers to accept re-manufacturing products.


"Tsinghua University Suzhou Environmental Innovation Research Institute, Vice President, New"

Editor's summary:

Automotive parts re-manufacturing industry is still in our starting stage, but from the government, enterprises to consumers' needs and philosophy, circular utilization, energy saving and emission reduction is an inevitable development trend of manufacturing manufacturing. Manufacture of intersections as manufacturing and service industries, helps to enplacers-back market, accessories maintenance market and even the development of insurance markets.

Consumers can spend less money, using the re-manufacturing parts to repair the vehicle, not only increase the use of the car, but more importantly, with the national green development, saving resources. In the future, the re-manufacturing enterprise will also hold new energy, automation, intelligent network and other high-tech, and become the most potential integration in the market in the market.

According to the expected data of the Sinological Research Institute, my country's car ownership will reach 495 million peaks in 2035; -15% growth is expected to reach around 4.4 trillion yuan by 2035.

The Vice President of the Suzhou Environmental Innovation Research Institute of Tsinghua University interprets the development prospects of re-manufacturing from the perspective of economic growth in my country. He believes that under the guidance of the "two-hundred years" struggle, 2035 is an important node of the China Auto Market, which is the best time to layout China's re-manufacturing market. Consumers will be highly oriented from the previous price, increasingly upgrading with high quality-oriented consumption. At that time, the performance of the re-manufacturing product can reach the original standard, and has a complete warranty period, high-end re-manufacturing parts, will gradually replace the low-end, unsatiable second-handed two-handed and counterfeit and fake parts. From the construction of the old pieces recycling, technical support, product sales, accessories guarantee four major systems, the new development of the development of the manufacturing industry is "the system of the system".