Note to owners of automatic transmission vehicles: These operations can easily damage the gearbox!


When using an automatic transmission car, some wrong operations can easily damage the gearbox and accelerate its aging. Let's take a look. Have you ever done this? "

D gear when parking for a long time

When waiting for the red light, many car owners are accustomed to directly step on the brakes, and the gear is still in D gear. If the parking time is long, because the power of the engine is still being transmitted to the gearbox, the temperature of the transmission oil will rise, and the oil will easily deteriorate.

N gear coasting

When coasting in neutral gear, the engine speed is low, and the internal oil pump speed of the gearbox does not match the vehicle speed state, which will cause the gearbox oil temperature to be too high and damage.

Keep the front wheel on the ground when towing

When an automatic transmission car is towed, the oil pump of the automatic transmission is stopped, and various parts lack lubrication. When the driving wheel is dragged to run, it will drive the transmission, causing overheating in the box and easily damaging the transmission.

Don't change gearbox oil for too long

Long-term operation of gearbox oil in a high temperature environment will deteriorate and evaporate, which will aggravate the wear of mechanical parts and damage the internal parts of the gearbox in severe cases. Generally, the transmission oil needs to be changed every 50,000-80,000 kilometers of a car.