Are all automatic gear, CVT, DCT, and AT gearboxes, where is it? Old driver tells you how to choose


Automatic transmission model can be said to be a blessing for many people. As long as the accelerator of the vehicle can be well controlled, there will be no problem that the speed can't keep up with the engine speed. With the convenience higher than manual transmission, more and more people buy automatic transmission model. According to the classification of automatic transmission model, it can be divided into CVT, DCT and at Speed box, although it is expensive for automatic transmission, but there are still differences between the three.

Based on the analysis of the structure of the gearbox, the structure of the three is different. According to the transmission mode, CVT is driven by steel belt, while DCT gearbox is controlled by two automatically controlled clutches. At completely relies on hydraulic torque converter, that is, hydraulic oil to realize the connection of front and rear power. At gearbox is equipped with hydraulic buffer speed regulating device such as hydraulic torque converter So at can start smoothly and creep smoothly. DCT achieves speed change and torque up shift by means of double clutch. The speed response should be thorough, and the engine with more accurate torque output should be matched, because it has less tolerance for torque error.

CVT transmission this kind of transmission uses the transmission belt and the variable working diameter of the main and driven wheels to transfer power, which can make the transmission system and the engine working conditions to achieve the best match. Without the transmission gear of the general automatic transmission, there will be no shift process of the automatic transmission, and the resulting shift frustration will disappear. Therefore, the power output of CVT transmission is linear, which is very smooth in actual driving.