AT transmission must be better than CVT, DCT? Old drivers: please drive before commenting!


Nowadays, car technology is becoming more and more mature, especially domestic cars have made rapid progress in the past few years, and now only in the study of the engine has become a thing of the past, the importance of the transmission is unspeakable. If a forceful engine does not match a good transmission, then the more sporty and luxurious car will be tasteless, but the question arises, what kind of transmission is a good transmission?


The mainstream transmissions on the market today are AT transmission, CVT transmission and DCT transmission, so let's study how to choose these three automatic transmissions.

AT Transmission

AT transmission, also known as hydraulic automatic transmission, currently has a high degree of maturity in the market 6AT transmission, of course, now car companies pay more attention to transmission research, and gradually popularized 8AT and 9AT transmission, while the higher the number of gears model price will be more expensive, but the more mature 6AT transmission, the price of about 100,000 domestic cars are used.


The working principle of AT transmission is to realize automatic transmission through the combination of hydraulic transmission and planetary gears, in which the hydraulic torque converter can be regarded as a clutch, but the inside is softly connected by oil. When there are more gears + softly connected hydraulic torque converter, the shifting of the car will be smoother, so the 4AT and 5AT on the market will gradually be eliminated.

Therefore, the advantage of AT transmission is that the technology is more mature, the durability is higher, and the torque is larger, but its shift speed is still not much better than that of DCT transmission.

CVT Transmission

CVT transmission is also known as Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT transmission is more common in Japanese cars, because Subaru first commercialized CVT transmission in February 1987, and since then it has been provided to many car manufacturers in Japan and Italy to achieve a wide range of equipment, so we can see that Japanese cars can be said to be perfect in playing with the technology of CVT transmission.


The CVT transmission works by referring to the ordinary transmission, which is a gear set that relies on gears meshing in order to shift gears, and each of these gear sets meshes once, which has a stutter and also consumes fuel, but the CVT transmission directly does it seamlessly, relying on the steel belt to shift gears, making the whole operation incredibly smooth. The CVT can be operated with one foot of throttle, and the transmission can roar out countless gears for you with the engine.

CVT has an advantage in smoothness, because there is no gear restriction, so it can also control the engine speed at a relatively low position, and the low speed brings low fuel consumption, which is a feature of CVT.

DCT Transmission

DCT automatic transmission is also called dual clutch transmission, the more common ones on the market are VW's DSG, GM's DCG and Audi's S-TRONIC, etc. Meanwhile, DCT dual clutch transmission is divided into dry type and wet type, dry type dual clutch transmission is generally used with small displacement engines, wet type dual clutch is generally used for medium and large displacement engines, which can withstand greater torque, while heat dissipation and stability are also better. It is also better.


The working principle of DCT transmission, dual clutch transmission can be understood literally, two clutches each control their own gears and gears, for example, the car is driving with a clutch hanging 2 gears, at this time the b clutch is in the gears of 3 gears, ready to articulate in advance, when the need to shift in one step, this transmission shift speed is a fast word, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, the clutch is so hard to connect the engine will inevitably stutter. The clutch is so hard to connect the engine will inevitably have a sense of frustration, and dual clutch or two clutches.

In fact, the AT transmission is not necessarily the best, from the above analysis, the AT transmission is just a little stronger overall, but the choice of transmission is more to see which is more appropriate, the advantage of CVT transmission is smooth, fuel-efficient, while the DCT transmission is the advantage of fast shift speed, high transmission efficiency, more sporty. After understanding the three mainstream automatic transmissions, you can choose a transmission that meets your needs?