Buick automatic transmission maintenance case summary

1. Model: Buick Yinglang

Gearbox Model: 6T30E

Driving mileage: 149360km

Transmission failure problem:

Whether in forward or reverse gear, the car does not move

Failure analysis:

The solenoid valve tester cannot measure the current, and the solenoid valve is likely to be faulty. After the maintenance master checked the car, the preliminary judgment was that the internal parts of the gearbox were damaged and the computer valve body was faulty.

Maintenance of gearbox failure: After disassembling the gearbox, it was found that the friction plate was slightly worn, and the valve body of the computer found that the solenoid valve was damaged. After replacing the damaged parts, clean all parts, re-commission, and troubleshoot.

2. Model: Buick Sail

Gearbox Model: 60-40LE

Driving mileage: 169118km

Transmission failure phenomenon:

Difficulty in cold starting

Transmission failure analysis: The maintenance master conducted a series of professional inspections on the car, and found that the failure of the car's cold start difficulty should be caused by the aging of the rubber ring.

Transmission failure repair: After replacing the rubber ring, update the torque converter. Clean all parts, load and test drive, and troubleshoot.

3. Model: Buick Boulevard

Model: 5L40E

Mileage: 165351km

Transmission failure phenomenon:

D or R gear shows that the car is not going.

Transmission failure analysis:

The maintenance master preliminarily judged that the RC reverse clutch friction plate was burnt, the FC forward clutch friction plate was damaged, and multiple sets of brake pistons leaked air; the oil pump base was tightened.

Gearbox Troubleshooting:

After disassembling the gearbox, check the clutch plates and find that the friction plates of the RC reverse clutch and the FC forward clutch are severely burned and cannot be used any more. The oil pump base is tight and needs to be replaced. When cleaning the valve body, it is found that the accumulator spring is broken, and the accumulator spring is replaced. After cleaning, install and test again to troubleshoot.

4. Model: Buick Regal

Transmission model: 6T40E

Mileage: 53693km

Transmission failure phenomenon:

Acceleration is weak while driving, and reverse gear is particularly difficult.

Transmission failure analysis:

The maintenance master did the transmission oil inspection and fault self-diagnosis on the car, and initially judged that the fault was caused by the damage of the pressure control solenoid valve 2 and the damage of the 3-5-R clutch.

Gearbox Troubleshooting:

After disassembling the automatic transmission, it was found that the 3-5-R clutch circlip had collapsed, causing the shrapnel to break, the double-sided drum to be damaged, and the casing piston groove to be worn. After replacing the damaged parts, clean the other parts and retry the drive to troubleshoot.

Many car owners now think that Buick transmissions are prone to failure, but this is just an unfounded concern. The Buick Regal released in 2011-13 did have some manufacturer problems, the friction plates were easily knocked off, and the car could not be driven in a crash. However, the current model has repaired and improved this problem, as long as the gearbox is used correctly, not treated rudely, and maintained in time. Automatic transmission failures can be greatly reduced!

In the past, gearboxes were divided into manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, and manual gearboxes. Now, with the development of technology, CVT continuously variable gearboxes, dual-clutch gearboxes and sequential gearboxes have been developed. These categories are based on the different makes and models of vehicles we use. So, do you know what type of gearbox your car is equipped with and what should you pay attention to when driving? And how to maintain it? During the use of the vehicle, have you encountered problems such as abnormal transmission noise, slow shifting, transmission slippage, high water temperature, system leakage, etc.? Or the symptoms of the vehicle can be judged to be a problem with the gearbox and must be repaired.

In contrast to a manual transmission, an automatic transmission is a device that automatically shifts gears based on vehicle speed and engine speed. Therefore, more and more car owners choose automatic transmission. It is worth noting that the maintenance of automatic transmission can be said to be the most complex system in car maintenance. The cost of a new transmission varies from tens of thousands of yuan to more than 100,000 yuan. So we have to learn to protect the automatic transmission and make it last longer.

Reminder: Once the automatic transmission fails, the owner will send it for repair in time. If there is an abnormal noise, the owner does not care about continuing to use the vehicle, which may eventually lead to the vehicle not moving, or even the entire gearbox being scrapped. Therefore, once the gearbox fails, it must be sent to the professional maintenance site for maintenance in time to avoid small losses.