Buick Grand Prix 6AT Automatic Transmission Common Failures Explained


Transmission and engine are the two most important assembly of the car, then many owners will think that the transmission problem should not be big, not so love bad, you can drive again, a very small problem dragging on and on affects our normal driving. GM 6AT transmission, I believe that Chevrolet and Buick owners are not unfamiliar, Buick (Yinglang, Junwei, Grand Tour, new Grand Tour, Kaiyue, Lu Zun), Chevrolet (Cruze, Mareb, Mareb XL, GL8, Copage, Kingmaker), Cadillac and some Ford are also using this transmission. What are the common failures of such a widely used transmission? Talk to you today!

别克君越6AT自动挡变速箱常见故障解读 变速箱维修(图1)

One of the common failures of 6T transmission is the valve body failure, the general fault performance is the transmission shift slippage, impact; 1 liter 2 impact, 2 liter 3, 4 liter 5 impact is more common. Need to repair the valve body, if the failure is more serious, then need to replace the brand new parts, repair prices will more than double.

别克君越6AT自动挡变速箱常见故障解读 变速箱维修(图2)

The second more common fault, is the transmission noise, driving in the buzz or ow transmission noise with noise. Generally due to the transmission internal bearing loss or transmission internal parts wear abnormal.

别克君越6AT自动挡变速箱常见故障解读 变速箱维修(图3)

The third more common fault, the gearbox shift stuttering feeling obvious, can not drive at high speed, the engine speed is very high, serious when the gas does not go car (stall and wait a while and can drive briefly). This is due to the transmission internal clutch bar waveform plate fracture, and three or five R reverse gear is broken, this is also one of the 6T transmission failure rate is relatively high parts.

别克君越6AT自动挡变速箱常见故障解读 变速箱维修(图4)

The fourth common fault is the transmission computer storage fault code, the engine fault light is on, the transmission shift are normal, generally the transmission control module failure, in addition, if not timely maintenance of the transmission, the transmission fluid produced a lot of impurities and iron filings, will also have an impact on the transmission.

别克君越6AT自动挡变速箱常见故障解读 变速箱维修(图5)

American cars are recognized as more comfortable to drive, and this is reflected in the Grand Tourer. Compared to the mediocrity of the engine, chassis and other aspects of competitiveness, the Grand Tourer has made comfort features its most important competitive highlight. This is the most complete in the same price range of the car, but why is such an excellent car series why carry this failure rate so high 6AT it? The Grand Prix is equipped with an electronically controlled four-speed manual and automatic transmission, we know that the fewer gears, the greater the impact felt in the car when shifting, the more uncomfortable the ride, and less gears will increase the fuel consumption of the car, so the emergence of this 6AT to solve the embarrassing situation of the Grand Prix. If your car's transmission fails, be sure to find a professional repair manufacturer in time for testing and repair.