Buick Grand Prix 6AT Automatic Transmission Transmission Repair Explanation of Common Faults


Transmission and engine are the two most important assemblies of a car, so many owners will think that the transmission problem should not be big, not so serious can drive again. Small problems can affect it.We drive normally. GM 6AT transmission, I believe that Chevrolet Buick owners are not unfamiliar with Buick (Yinglang, Junwei, Grand Tour, the new Grand Tour, Kaiyue, LandZone), Chevrolet (Cruz, Milestone, Milestone XL, GL8, Copage, Essence) ), Cadillac and some Ford are also using the transmission. What are the common failures of such a wide variety of gearboxes? Talk to you today!


One of the common failures of 6T transmissions is valve body failure. Common failures are transmission shift slippage and vibration; 1 liter 2 liter, 2 liter 3 liter, 4 liter 5 liter more common. The valve body needs to be repaired. If the failure is severe, new parts are required and the repair price is more than doubled.


The second more common fault is the gearbox rattling, driving with noise or buzzing or wailing gearbox rattling. This is generally due to damage to the internal bearings of the gearbox or abnormal wear of the internal parts of the gearbox.


The third more common fault is that the transmission is significantly frustrated when shifting gears, the engine does not run at high speed, and the engine revs very high. In severe cases, the vehicle does not drive after refueling (stop and wait for a while, then drive for a short time). This is because the internal clutch of the transmission is bad and the 35R reverse gear is bad. This is also one of the parts of the 6T transmission failure rate is relatively high.


The fourth common fault is that the transmission computer stores fault codes, the engine fault light is on, and the transmission shifts normally. It is generally a transmission control module failure. In addition, if the transmission is not maintained in time, the transmission fluid will produce many impurities. And iron filings will also affect the transmission.


American cars are recognized as being more comfortable to drive, and the Grand Touring reflects this. Compared to the mediocre competitiveness of its engine and chassis, the Grand Touring makes comfort features its most important competitive attraction. It's the most complete car in its price range, but why is it such a great line of cars equipped with such a high failure rate 6AT? All Grand Prix series are equipped with electronically controlled four-speed manual transmissions. We know that the fewer gears a transmission has, the greater the impact felt in the car when shifting gears and the more uncomfortable the driving experience. Less gears will increase the fuel consumption of the whole car, so this 6AT emerged to solve the embarrassing situation of the Grand Tour. If your car's transmission fails, be sure to find a professional repair shop in time for inspection and repair.