Did you know the advantages and disadvantages of 5 kinds of gearboxes?


Scientific gearbox, which is good? Each has a thousand autumn, first gearbox is divided into 5 types:

Manual gearbox MT


Advantages: At the time of mastering the opportunity, there is a good driving pleasure, the oil is oil.

Disadvantages: There is a saying, and one step is closed, and it is manual gear. Complex operation, it is difficult to get difficult

2. Automatic gearbox AT


Advantages: Now people are more lazy, I like to buy automatic blocks, I will go on the throttle, you can pass the big torque, easy to operate, save trouble, get fast, suitable for novice. The failure rate is much lower than other gearboxes.

Disadvantages: Technology Old, power fuel is not as good as manual transmission.

3. Hand-in-one gearbox AT / MT

Advantages: manual, automatic back-to-back, fuel economy and comfort.

Disadvantages: High use costs and maintenance costs, want to be lazy, and want to save oil.

4. Stepless gearbox CVT


Available: There is no feeling of stall, very gentle, slightly, add it, the fuel consumption is low.

Disadvantages: The load capacity is not particularly strong, there is no big horse, can't be brutally refined, and you can't step on the throttle. Accelery is very poor.

5. Double clutch gearbox DCT (DSG)

Dry style:

Advantages: Fast change, almost null.

Disadvantages: When running at high speed, heat dissipation is not satisfactory when frequent shifting, often 8 to 100,000 kilometers will basically have problems, trembling, and abnormal sounds. Was soft shift, do not barbaric operation.



Advantages: almost no torque loss, high efficiency transmission, small power loss.

Disadvantages: high cost and poor stability.