How does the expert viewpoint & automatic transmission industry respond to new energy challenges?


"Currently, the world's major countries and regions attach great importance to new energy technology development, and continuously increase investment. New energy technological innovation and subversive energy technology breakthroughs have become a key means of continuously changing world energy patterns to open global carbon parts. "On April 12th, at the" New Energy Technology Research Opportunity and Challenge "report, Pan Jiaofeng, Dean of the Science and Technology Strategic Advisory Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out.

There are many new energy vehicles in our country. According to EVSALES data, the global new energy vehicle sales reached nearly 2.2.21 million in 2019, China's new energy automotive production and sales is 124.2 million, and this means China. In 2019, more than 50% of new energy automotive market share were contributed.

2020 domestic new energy car ranked 10 items are Tesla Model 3, Hongguang MINI, EAI Aion S, New Qin EV, EV, ES6, Ideal One, Beiqi EU, Baojun E100 and other pure electricity Models and brands.

Also last year, netizens have brought the top ten mixed car ranks in Toyota Corolio, BYD Tang DM (6 speed DCT), Great Wall Weipai P8 (6 speed DCT), Toyota Push, BMW 5 Series Phev (8at) Honda Accord Rui (CVT), Camry, Chevrolet Mei Ruibao XL, Ge Mri GE MHEV and Qianshi, which Toyota accounts for three models.

Engaged in the production of automatic transmission manufacturers and professional maintenance automatic transmission under the powerful new energy car offensive, many people live straight "Wolf", this industry is difficult to survive.

If it is a pure electric car, there is no automatic transmission, there is no automatic transmission manufacturer and professional maintenance automatic transmission company, if it is a mix of cars, there are some "things" to do. New energy vehicles increase year by year, the amount of automatic transmission load is reduced year by year, this is the fact of "iron"; so I don't have it to use a wolf.

In this context, this paper discusses the changes in the automatic transmission industry under the new energy automotive era, including the maintenance automatic transmission service industry.

Enterprises that change, can change, and make good changes can be adapted to the development of the times, based on invincible.

Pure electric new energy vehicle currently has its own shortcomings, on the battery life, there have been many "loss" electricity (halfway no electricity), "loss" money (users spend a lot of money to buy expensive batteries) lesson, make Hot pure electric new energy car cools down because consumers pay for rationality.

This constraint made the fuel traditional vehicle for design and change the mixed car direction, and many of many years have begun to produce hybrid automatic transmission to increase the sales and market share of automobiles.

At the same time, the development of the AT type automatic transmission (8-10) and the two-clutch technology mature stability (failure rate declined year by year) and the upgrade of the supporting software also attracted a large number of purchase cars, so the automatic transmission has the amount of 5- There is still a certain proportion within 8 years.

The AT type automatic transmission is more mature and stable in design, casting, and use, suitable for assembly models, especially the preferred supporting products of some high-end cars, such as European and American car system exhausts, and the vehicle is quite The traditional planetary gear mechanism, hydraulic control AT automatic transmission is widely used.

The CVT automatic transmission (DSG / DCT) is mostly used in light sedan, and the small and medium-sized exhaust volume sedan is relatively reliable, which is more reliable, which is more reliable with traditional AT automatic transmission stability. However, the CVT automatic gearbox comfortable and saving, dual clutch automatic transmission fast seamless shift performance and motion performance makes many manufacturers have installed installation, and the other deep reason is cost problem, such as DCT comprehensive cost than AT low a lot. .

Automatic transmission technology, patents are in some of the world famous automotive manufacturers and professional manufacturers. See the table below for more than ten years, we don't prevent it.

专家视点 & 自动变速器行业该如何应对新能源挑战?(图1)

As can be seen from the above table, the previous four-speed is mainly, and then it has developed to the five or six-speed automatic transmission. This process has experienced more than ten years.

In 2000, it has changed some changes, and some new and common automatic transmission manufacturers will be given to everyone.

专家视点 & 自动变速器行业该如何应对新能源挑战?(图2)

We can't give the automatic transmission manufacturers to "hero", but ZF, AW is undoubtedly a more famous frontier big company. Rapidity has changed until 2015, there have been many new multi-gear automatic transmission, CVT, DCT, AT out of 7-10 gear, such as Mercedes-Benz 9-speed AT automatic transmission (725.0), general and Ford 9 speed and 10 speed (Started in 2017), Honda (FF model) 10AT, love letter 10at (Lexus), CVT Toyota (C-HR) simulation 10-speed, DCT Honda design the latest 8-speed on the basis of parallel axis transmission Modern DCT double clutch transmission 8 speed.

The automatic transmission is an epoch generation in the "9" number, 4 speed has been eliminated, there is still a big guarantee in the 6-speed market, and 7-8 speed has a large part of the medium and high-end cars, then these years will be 9-10 The automatic transmission of the automatic transmission is peak.

The above domestic and foreign automatic transmission production enterprises and new energy vehicles compete, its product development is also layout before and after 2015, although it is slow, but the big manufacturer's strength is there, so the new mixed automatic transmission is quite awesome. And re-harvested many "lost land".

On the basis of traditional CVT, DCT, AT automatic transmission, the additional battery system driven coil motor is developed, and there are many light mixing and plug systems.

The public has opened an electrification process in the Chinese market since 2019. In April, FAW public launched an explored Yue GTE; May, the Volkswagen launched the Tiguan L. New Energy; in August, the Shangqi Volkswagen launched Langyi Emixi; October FAW Volkswagen launched Baolu Purgent and golf pure electricity; in December, the SAIC launched Passat new energy, FAW Volkswagen launched Magotan GTE.

专家视点 & 自动变速器行业该如何应对新能源挑战?(图3)

Figure 1 Volkswagen DQ400E Dual Clutch Transmission

The fourth generation of the zf will be produced in 2022 in Saarburken, Germany, and the mixed model of the ZF mixed transmission scheme has 15KW / 40KW / 90KW / 100KW four different motor power, combined with mature and stable 8at This opens the reputation of new energy transmission in the market to obtain the share of China and the two major markets in China and the United States.

专家视点 & 自动变速器行业该如何应对新能源挑战?(图4)

Figure 2 ZF Mix 40KW Transmission

The impact of the epidemic, the recovery of the global economy, currently predicts this decade in the automotive industry, that is, at least 60-70% of the new car, at least 60-70% before and after 2030, which also proves that the traditional gearbox still has certain Market demand and share.

From the above automatic transmission development analysis and maintenance enterprises, it will also be affected. Market shrinking prices competition, brand competition will increase year by year, and some people will be unemployed or changed. On the other hand, from mechanical maintenance to "electricity" to be strengthened and trained, learn from the control part, master some principles, structures, and cases to stand in an invincible.

We look forward to the continuous development and improvement of new energy vehicle technology, everyone uses new energy vehicles, reducing environmental pollution, benefiting mankind.