What is the new domestic double clutch AT transmission?


Some people say manual gearbox, automatic transmission, now this concept is going. With the rise of the domestic car, the AT transmission has also entered our people's sight, 100,000 or less, can buy double clutch or It is an AT gearbox.


Today, I will talk about a Changan car, assembled is a double-clutched 5AT gearbox. Many large AT gearbox has been updated to 8 generations, Changan this car or 5AT gearbox. The owner reflects a continuous transmission when the vehicle is driving. Abnormal sound, we are initially suspected to be the bearing aloud, or the sound of gears and gears, or the differential abnormal sound, and wherever there is an abnormal sound, we also need to dismantle it.

After this gearbox dismantling, we found that the structure inside is quite simple. This gearbox we see that the structure is found to be, combined with Honda, combined with the public, combined with general, domestic gearbox, just three years New. All disassemble gearbox found that there was no obvious damage, and the oil pump saws obvious wear, and it is the mesh clogging. It is judged that the oil pump oil pump has an abnormal sound, and there is a flying wheel disk shake There will be abnormalities.