What is the reason for the failure light of the automatic transmission?


If the gearbox lights up frequently, there are basically several reasons. One is a mechanical failure in the gearbox, and the other is that the valve body computer is an electrical failure. The following explanation is a case of our gearbox repair.

Today we came to a wet dual-clutch gearbox that turned on the fault light. After we disassembled the gearbox and found that the fault light was on, there was a fault code, which was to report a clutch electrical failure, that is, the valve computer was damaged and an electrical fault was reported and the car left. It doesn't move, and the computer needs to be replaced. The wet dual-clutch has an external oil grid. This external oil grid will easily cause damage to the rubber ring over time. This is a mechanical failure, causing oil leakage. If the oil leakage time is long, the gearbox will run out of oil and the car will naturally report. The fault light is off. The dual-clutch is also very easy to wear and damage. It is a mechanical failure. After the dual-clutch is damaged, a fault light will be reported, accompanied by impact, skidding, and no gearbox damage. After the fault light is reported, the car will find that there is no odd gear when driving. And even-numbered gears.