What you need to know about ATF, about automatic transmissions...

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is mainly used to lubricate, dissipate and clean the planetary gear set, and on the other hand, it is used as a medium for hydraulic transmission.

Many people ask, if the automatic transmission is maintained for a long time, will it cause impurities and carbon deposits to cause corrosion, blockage and wear inside the transmission due to wear and tear, which will cause the fluidity of the fluid inside the torque converter to change Poor, slow up and down gears, and even frequent gear skipping, the answer is yes. Therefore, the automatic transmission must be paid attention to.

Can automatic transmission fluids be mixed? the answer is negative!
The automatic transmission oil between different models must not be mixed, because the flow rate, density and friction coefficient of the transmission oil between different models will be different. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners purchase the corresponding model of oil for replacement, or communicate with maintenance professionals, and do not arbitrarily change the model by themselves.

Can ATF be used instead of CVT transmission fluid? It doesn't work either!

Although the essence of CVT transmission oil is somewhat similar to that of automatic transmission oil, CVT is a special oil, which is driven by a special steel belt, and has requirements for parameters such as oil flow rate, friction coefficient and expansion coefficient. They are different, so they are definitely not substitutes for each other.

What aspects should be paid attention to in maintenance?

The first thing you need to do is to regularly check and change the transmission oil

Because the car will run for a long time, the temperature of the gearbox will continue to be high, and in the high temperature state, the oil will also be oxidized and deteriorated. After the viscosity becomes thinner, a tough oil film cannot be formed, and the oil performance will decline. Such as the ability of lubrication and heat dissipation, in severe cases, it will lead to the wear and ablation of the gearbox, and it will also accelerate the wear and damage of the components in the gearbox.

The second thing to do is to change the transmission oil properly. The method of manual static oil draining is not clean. The new oil replaced is actually a mixture of old and new oil, and the sludge and impurities generated by the long-term use of the gearbox cannot be discharged, which will lead to wear and tear of the internal parts of the gearbox. damage.

If you want to ask, what is the optimal maintenance interval for the current automatic transmission? Generally speaking, the best maintenance mileage for a new car is to replace it every two years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. Generally, after the 4th minor maintenance, the transmission oil needs to be maintained. If it is a repaired gearbox, it is required to be guaranteed for 3,000 kilometers first, and maintenance is required every year after that.

The automatic transmission is easy to operate, but it also has the disadvantages of difficult maintenance and high transmission maintenance costs. Therefore, you must choose a gearbox oil with guaranteed quality produced by regular manufacturers.