Why do automatic gearbox should replace gearbox after driving five or 60,000 kilometers


Recently, some netizens have consulted me, why did the maintenance masters did not say that they needed to replace automatic transmission oil when they were automatically blocked, and now they will replace automatic shifts for 60,000 kilometers. Box oil? Is it necessary to have a replacement?

First, I first answered the question of this netizen. Most of the automatic gearboxes of the previous models are AT. This maximum benefit of this gearbox is long life, durable, and the transmission oil is mainly the role of hydraulic pressure, so says The requirements for the transmission oil are not high, as long as there is no crucible or severe deterioration of the clutch slip, it is available! Of course, it is not to say that it can be extended without replacing the cycle. It really doesn't change anything.

Most cars are now double clutches or CVT gearboxes.You have to remember that the CVT gearbox must be replaced with automatic transmission oil according to the kilometer, like the ultimate speed of the sky (like going to the runway through the car throughout the day), it will be replaced once!

because The CVT gearbox is driven by a conical wheel and a steel strip because it is called stepless speed! When the steel strip and cone rotation are rotated, because two iron items will definitely generate friction. Over time, there will be a lot of iron powder inside the transmission oil, so it is necessary to replace the kilometers!

It is also important to be more important, although the CVT structure is simple but if the damage is very expensive, it is necessary to change oil according to the kilometers!

The dry dual-clutch transmission is white by a manual gearbox and a computer, just being advanced than the AMT, and there is a special oil in the computer, as long as it is not missing! Then there is a gear oil, this change does not change, and the manual stop is a truth!

Wet double clutch This truth is similar, but the automatic shifting part must be driven by oil. Although there is no CVT is so delicate, it is also necessary to replace it!

In short, the CVT must be replaced in the kilometer, and the wet double clutch and AT can be properly extended, but it must be replaced, dry double clutch is not replaced!