AW55 Series Linear Pressure Solenoid AW55-50
AW55 Series Linear Pressure Solenoid AW55-50

AW55 Series Linear Pressure Solenoid AW55-50

Model NO.
USD 100.00-500.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
500 set / Month
Country of Origin:
  • Place of Origin:TW
  • Car Model:***
  • Warranty:1month
  • Type:Transmission Assembly
  • Model Number:AW55-**
  • Kgs:0.5
  • Pieces:3

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AW55 Series Linear Pressure Solenoid Guide


The following procedure is important for shift quality.Need very professional skill to perform that.

Those procedures are based on our field test and real operation.Every time we changed the solenoids we have poor shift quality before finish the relearn TCM. Please perform this guide step by step.


1, Make sure the version of the solenoids are correct. You can tell it from the package of solenoid or just ask your vendor.

2, Make sure all other components function well.Solenoid only can fix the solenoid problem.Sometimes,the poor shift quality is from others.Ex.valve body or improper installation.

3, Make sure installation of solenoid and valve body are at room temperature.

4,Make sure all cables are good. There is no breaking or short circuit.

5,Make sure install all the solenoids into valve body properly.Check every wire plunger us inside the connector completely then installing new solenoid.

6,Make sure follow the service manual to install the valve body module.Ex.tighten the screws in specific torque.

7,Make sure using the specific ATF in your transmission, Fill enough ATF inside transmission.

8, Re-adapt throttle position %

9, Reset or clean the exist adaptation of TCM.

10, Slowly drive or leave idling to warm up ATF to minimum if 66°C(151°F)and maximum of 110C(230°F).

11, Perform the relearn procedure as below:

a) The transmission fluid temperature must be between 65-110°C(150-230°F).Do not stall the engine to obtain these temperatures, Drive the vehicle or leave idling.

b) With the ATF fluid at specified temperature drive the vehicle at light throttle. With proximately 15% throttle keep a steady pedal until transmission shifts to 4th gear.Decelerate and come to a stop within a 7 second period.Repeat this procedure up to 5 times.

c) Repeat step 2 with 25% throttle.Keep a steady pedal until 5th gear is obtained.Decelerate and come to a stop within a 7 second period.

d) Accelerate to approximately 45 MPH(72km/h) and decrease the speed by lightly applying the brake coming to a stop within a 7 second period. Repeat this until the quality of downshifts is OK.

e) Apply the brake and put the gear selector I P position. Move the lever to R position and wait 5 seconds. Move the selector lever back to P and wait another 5 seconds. Repeat until the R engagement is OK.

f) Repeat step 5 moving between N and D position Until D engagement is OK. Repeat this cycle 10 times.

If above procedure are not working.Try procedure as below:

Regular learning:


Gear shift 1-4 gear with 2000rpm for 2-30 cycles.If feel shift feeling is improved, go next. Gear shift 1-4 gear with 3000rpm for 2-30 cycles. If the shift feeling is improved,Normally drive the car for 2 days.The shift quality should be better and better in 2 days.




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