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When chatting with the car, I often hear the friends around the car, the most core "three major", which is actually the car engine, gearbox, chassis suspension, the first few years we have said the engine, Let us take a look at the gearbox of the car.
In-depth analysis of automatic gearbox - in oil pump - pressure regulating valve - molar - radiator lubrication loop flow
"Currently, the world's major countries and regions attach great importance to new energy technology development, and continuously increase investment. New energy technological innovation and subversive energy technology breakthroughs have become a key means of continuously changing world energy
Recently, some netizens have consulted me, why did the maintenance masters did not say that they needed to replace automatic transmission oil when they were automatically blocked, and now they will replace automatic shifts for 60,000 kilometers. Box oil? Is it necessary to have a replacement?
As we all know, the three basic components of a car are the engine, the chassis and the gearbox. The gearbox, as a transmission device that coordinates the speed of the engine and the wheels, can determine the basic driving performance of the car, allowing the car to achieve normal driving, reverse and idling operations. .
Some people say manual gearbox, automatic transmission, now this concept is going. With the rise of the domestic car, the AT transmission has also entered our people's sight, 100,000 or less, can buy double clutch or It is an AT gearbox.
Hello everyone! Dear friends, I am your little cute, and The May 1st Labor Day is coming soon, and each company has a holiday for a few days? Five days or three days? Speeding up to 9 products is also "big price" ~

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