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In the top 10 ranking of automotive transmissions, China, Japan and Korea are on the list, with no change in the top three. The quality of the transmission affects the handling, fuel economy and cost of the car. As one of the three major components, the importance of the transmission is not mentioned here. The following inventory of the world's most reliable top ten transmissions, you can use as a reference to avoid being fooled by the sales sister when you need to buy a car.
case study Test a Teana, the model is 2015 2.0L+CVT, old car, ran close to 60,000 kilometers
In 2020, the country's civilian vehicle fleet will be 280 million units, including 240 million cars, an increase of 17.58 million units compared to 2019.
Transmission and engine are the two most important assemblies of a car, so many owners will think that the transmission problem should not be big, not so serious can drive again. Small problems can affect it.
When it comes to the life of a dry dual clutch gearbox, it starts with its structure. Generally consumers say that the life of the dual clutch transmission actually refers mostly to its clutch friction plate life, because compared to the transmission case, the life of the clutch is much shorter, and when a failure occurs, it is usually the clutch that fails.
Nowadays, car technology is becoming more and more mature, especially domestic cars have made rapid progress in the past few years, and now only in the study of the engine has become a thing of the past, the importance of the transmission is unspeakable.
I remember once in the 4S store to see a car, a customer may not usually look at the reason for the car, in the store frantically asked sales of various questions about the car, after listening to the sales of a variety of transmission pros and cons is entangled to autism.

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