How long is the automatic transmission oil replacement cycle, and why should the transmission oil be replaced in time?


Automobile gearboxes are divided into manual gearboxes and automatic gearboxes (there are three types of automatic gearboxes, we collectively call them automatic gearboxes). We should not think that gearboxes are maintenance-free for life. In fact, transmission oil has a time limit. Even if the transmission is well sealed, the transmission oil will be reduced and deteriorated to varying degrees as the use time is extended. Therefore, the transmission oil should be replaced in time for a certain specified time.

Our car is running normally, and the manual gear transmission oil replacement cycle is 2 years or 60,000 kilometers, but this is just an ideal figure. In the daily driving process, the manual transmission can reach 100,000 kilometers. It is also possible to replace it once. , Mainly depends on the driving intensity.

The automatic transmission oil replacement cycle is 2 years or 40,000 kilometers. After this time period, we should check the transmission oil in time, and replace it in time if it needs to be replaced.

Why do we need to change the transmission oil in time?

Because the transmission oil is in a high temperature state for a long time, the transmission oil will deteriorate and volatilize. As I said above, the transmission oil will become less and less. You may think that it is maintenance-free for life. When the gearbox fails, it will be very It is possible that the transmission oil will evaporate so that there is no remaining. The lack of oil in the transmission is the main reason for the failure of the transmission


Under normal circumstances, the gearbox gear is the least likely to break. It is possible that the entire car is broken and the gearbox is still good. This is because the gearbox gear is too hard. You can't break it if you want to break it, but There is a particularly terrible prerequisite, that is temperature. When the transmission oil is not changed for a long time, the transmission oil will become more and more viscous, and the temperature will rise again and again, thereby increasing the friction of the gear. In the long run, the gear will inevitably Gluing under the influence of temperature reduces the life of the gearbox.