DCT shifts, CVT is easy to slip, in numerous gearbox, who do you like?


When chatting with the car, I often hear the friends around the car, the most core "three major", which is actually the car engine, gearbox, chassis suspension, the first few years we have said the engine, Let us take a look at the gearbox of the car.According to the division of structural form, the most common manual transmission MT, automatic transmission AT, stepless automatic transmission CVT, dual clutch gearbox DCT, sequence gearbox, and the like. However, from many teachers, DCT shifts are frustrated, and CVT is easy to slip, and the AT transmission is small, only the MT transmission is the most reliable. DCT shifts, CVT is easy to slip, in numerous gearbox, who do you like?


Manual gearbox MT


"Manual gear gearbox is not a logo of the low-mounted model", the manual gearbox also has a gear, and we have a 5-stop manual gearbox and 6-speed gearbox, as well as a 7-hand manual gearbox. Now, as long as the car matches the manual gearbox, many people will be nasal, think it is not modern. It is undeniable that driving on the city's flat road, the frequent shift of the manual gearbox wants to make a hand-moving, and frequent operations will make people feel fatigue. Moreover, it is necessary to match the clutch, or the vehicle is easy to turn off. Although the manual gearbox is troublesome, its reputation is excellent, the technical mature is reliable, excellent in durability, high stability, and has very high power transfer efficiency, which makes the vehicle's fuel economy is very excellent, and the maintenance cost is lower.

Hydraulic automatic transmission (AT)


The automatic transmission is an automatic shift device that automatically shifts automatically according to the vehicle speed and engine speed, and is also one of the most mainstream gearboxes according to the automatic shift. We often hear 6at, 7at, 8at, 9at gearbox, the most common gearbox brand is EF, Ai Xin, Jiecott. Compared to manual gearboxes, its operation is simpler, easy, just refuel, loose oil, braking can be empty, indulge. It is true that the use of automatic transmission does not need to be replaced with the gear by loose clutch and throttle, nor does it need to master the shift timing, and the throttle clutch cooperates and other car skills. It is more convenient to operate, and the maintenance cost is lower.

DCT dual clutch transmission


This may be the most familiar set of gearbox, which covers more than 85% of the models of the German car. The DCT has a great difference with the automatic gearbox, which is based on the manual transmission but is not an automatic transmission. It has an uninterrupted power output in addition to the flexibility of the manual transmission and the comfort of the automatic transmission. Initially, it used a dry dual-clutch gearbox for the air-cooled system, and later, because of the high failure rate, a wet dual-clutch gearbox was also developed. There is a certain tempering force in the shift, and the maintenance cost is higher.

CVT stepless gearbox


The CVT transmission, it is called the accepted transmission, which is continuously variable transmission, that is, the stepless gearbox we often say, as the name suggests is not clear and specific gear, can be based on the engine speed, freely, different In the automatic gearbox, it shifts very smooth. The mechanical efficiency of CVT drive is highly excellent in the ordinary automatic gear transmission, only in the manual gear, and the fuel economy is much better. The deficiency is that the power of the steel belt that the drive is limited.

PDK dual clutch gearbox



This is the original technology of Porsche, combined with the convenience and comfort of the AT and the rapid MT, very practical. This gearbox has a very rapid shift experience, excellent abrasion resistance and shear stability effectively reduce the wear of the transmission, improve the transfer capacity of torque, even under cold conditions, resistance The shake and durability is increased to 23%, which effectively increases the comfort of driving. It is a pity that the cost of manufacturing is too high.


General review: Of course, individuals can't change the gearbox, which are automatically equipped when the car is shipped. Every gearbox has its own characteristics. Relatively speaking, the handbox is widely used, and the common taxi is also used in the manual transmission. After the actual test of the owner, the AT transmission is excellent in durability and high stability. I want to ask which gearbox I like most, I will definitely choose Porsche's PDK gearbox, but the price is expensive, I can only choose the MT gearbox. Dear, do you like that gearbox?