Fox manual transmission oil needs a few liters


The Fox's manual transmission requires a 1.6-liter transgender oil, and the automatic transmission needs to use 6-liter transducer oil. The transmission oil is critical to the transmission. If there is no transmission oil, the transmission oil is not working properly, and the transmission oil is required to be replaced regularly.


For manual transmission, the transmission oil acts as a lubrication and heat dissipation. For the automatic transmission, the transmission oil acts as lubrication, heat dissipation, and transmits the power.

If there is no transmission oil in the automatic transmission, the shift regulating mechanism of the transmission is unable to change normally.

If the transmission oil is not replaced for a long time, it will affect the shift adjustment mechanism of the automatic transmission. If the automatic transmission's shift adjustment mechanism is damaged, the cost of repair is very high.

If you want to replace the transmission oil of the automatic transmission, promote the use of circulators to change the oil. The circulator change method can be placed more than 90% of the old gear oil, and the loop machine will change the oil and thoroughly.

However, using a cyclic machine change method requires more new transmission oil, the cost of replacing the transmission oil using a circulator oil change is higher.