If the Volkswagen dsg gearbox is damaged, can the at gearbox be replaced?


It is unrealistic for Volkswagen DSG gearbox to replace AT. First, a new set of computer control program is needed. The most important thing is that the interface between the gearbox and the engine cannot match. The AT gearbox is larger than the DSG gearbox, and the engine compartment cannot be installed at all.

Structure difference

AT gearbox 


Volkswagen DSG gearbox


First of all, it can be seen from the comparison of the two gearbox sizes that the AT gearbox is output by one shaft, which is longer than the size of the dual-clutch, which uses a significantly reduced size of the dual-row gear. The fixed position of the flywheel housing of the two engines is different, and the connection method is also different. The AT gearbox is directly connected to the engine flywheel, while the dual-clutch gearbox is connected to the engine through different clutch switching modes.

The size of the drive shaft is different


The engine drives the gearbox, and the gearbox output shaft drives the tires to rotate through the drive shaft. If the gearbox is changed, the length of the drive shaft will also change, and the drive shaft may need to be customized. But it should also be noted that the gearbox needs to be in the right position, otherwise the left and right torques will be different.

In short, changing from a dual-clutch gearbox to an AT gearbox requires a lot of changes in parts and components, and the technology is extremely complicated, and this is generally not recommended.