utomechanika, the international auto parts fair in Frankfurt, Germany, is hosted by the famous German Messe Frankfurt GmbH. Founded in 1971, the exhibition has a history of 42 years and is the world’s largest international automotive parts, process equipment and related industrial exhibitions. Each of these exhibitions attracts thousands of international companies. Automechanika is an important international stage for Chinese exhibitors to participate in the international auto parts and after-sales market.

As one of the five most prestigious international auto shows in the world, Automechanika Frankfurt is one of the world’s three major auto parts exhibitions. It has a long history and a far-reaching influence. It is the ancestor of the Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition series; Germany is also the birthplace of world famous cars. Close to the major car dealers’ headquarters, the number of European consumers at the Frankfurt Motor Show is large, and the consumer psychology is mature and the car knowledge is comprehensive, so the exhibition effect is more direct; 80% of the exhibitors and 40% of the audience are from outside Germany every year. s country.

Automechanika is undoubtedly the most professional automobile parts, maintenance testing equipment and service supplies exhibition in the automotive industry. Not only according to market demand planning, but also in the exhibition time and geography, so that exhibitors can expand the global market in the most efficient way.

In 2018, there were a total of 4,820 exhibitors and a total of 136,000 visitors. And Guangzhou Transpeed Auto Technology Co.Ltd is one member of them, see picture as below: